Dr. Claus Rinner

My name is Claus Rinner. I am a Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson University, which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have also been the graduate program director for the Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA) for quite some time.

My expertise is in geographic visualization and GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis methods to support effective spatial decision-making. With my students, I am developing and studying map-centred, exploratory methods to evaluate phenomena such as public health, urban quality of life, and environmental change. We also work on GIS concepts to support participatory planning (“argumentation maps”) and investigate the decision support capabilities of GIS technologies such as location-based services and spatial data infrastructures.

More information is available on my homepage at http://www.ryerson.ca/~crinner/.

Comments are not enabled on this blog; however, you are most welcome to get in touch via email using the contact information on my homepage. I can read your messages in German, French, English, and possibly Spanish, though I will most likely respond in English.